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The BC arrangement essentially means enrolling customers and enabling the transactions of the customers at the Customer Service Points (CSPs) besides sourcing various deposit and loan products for the Bank as a Business Facilitator. The outlets of the BCs will need to undertake BC activity through any one of the different technologies adopted by the Bank. These can be, Card Technology, Kiosk Banking Technology and the, Cell phone messaging Technology. As far as the Card Technology is concerned, we have two different vendors and if the BC entity would like to undertake BC activity, it can choose either of these technologies, where the processes, the front end hand held devices, and the commercials are slightly different from each other. Here either a Smart Card, i.e., a card with a Chip, (which is a contact or a contact less card) or a Chip-less or just a plastic card may be used for transacting. These cards work with biometric identification. The transactions can be either online or offline also. In this card technology, the BCs can enroll customers and open No-Frills Account in the form of Tiny Savings Bank and Tiny Recurring Deposit Accounts, undertake deposit and withdrawal transactions (in cash) in these two accounts through the technology provided by the Bank/Technology vendors concerned, for the customers thus enrolled. The Savings Bank account can also be opened as a Savings Bank cum Overdraft Account. After six months of operation of the account as a Savings Bank account the customer would be eligible for an overdraft also. In Kiosk banking, using a Finger Print capturing device supplied by the Bank and using the internet connectivity, a BC can enroll customers and open No Frills Savings Bank Account. Other products are likely to be added soon. The transactions are always online in Kiosk Banking. In both the Card Technology and Kiosk Banking Technology, remittances from one account to any other account in the Bank are permitted. In the Cell phone messaging technology anyone with a mobile phone can open the No Frills Accounts. This is not biometric enabled and has different security features. However, this technology is not right-away available for BCs and may be available after some time. Further, we consider every BC as BF plus, (BF = Business Facilitator); that is every BC is expected to source business outside the technology enabled No Frills Account. It is also seen from our various pilots that to make the BC activity viable, BF activity also needs to be undertaken by the outlets of the BC. For this a few simple banking products will be initially selected and training on the features of the products and Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will be given by the Bank. For such BF activity, the outlet operators would need to identify customers, motivate and market the bank's liability and asset products to such customers. Also help the customer in filling the loan application/account opening forms, obtain photographs, documents for complying with the KYC guidelines of the RBI, documents and papers for sanction of the loans and direct the customers to the link branches concerned with all papers. Cash will be accepted/ paid only through technology in the No Frills Accounts and for all other accounts i.e., only the CSP of the BC can accept cash / make cash payments. The BF is not permitted to handle cash. Customers sourced by the BF will transact at the concerned Branch only. The BC Will Also Need To Participate In The Financial Literacy/ Awareness Efforts Of The Bank. Exclusivity: An outlet of a BC - called a Customer Service Point (CSP) by us should not do any business for any other bank/financial institution. We would like to have exclusivity in this regard.

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